Fish Flush - Global Game Jam (2019)

Unity / C# / Photoshop / WWise
Team of 5 - Role within Team: Developer & Designer
GitHub Code
Build Available - Released

This was my first Global Game Jam and it was tremendous fun and a great learning experience. I worked in a passionate team on an interesting self-proposed project based on this year’s GameJam theme, “what home means to you”.
The game, which is an endless runner, features a host of awesome gameplay features - from tricky enemies to life-saving shrimps - all designed to dodge the perils and to get your little fish home safely and with a high score.
I was a developer in a team of 5 who were comprised of Audio, Designers, Artists, and Developers and worked on a variety of tasks, some of which are listed here; animation, leaderboard creation, saving player progress, Unity’s procedural generation of 2D environments and gameplay balance tweaking. As with any GameJam it becomes a case of getting stuck in and learning a host of new skills, persevering under a tight deadline and always communicating with each other. Here are some of our headline features:

  • Procedurally Generated World- The entire game uses procedurally generated levels to map out the endless runner sequences, even enemies are generated dynamically, so each subsequent play-though could be different . The levels were even broken down into pipe sections to allow vertical movement sections.

  • Dynamic Difficulty - The levels and enemies created change based on how well you are doing; the better the user is doing, the harder the sequences created by the game.

  • Beautiful Animations - Wonderful subtle animations were created; from the general movement of the fishes, to their attack sequences, even the slushing of the sewer water in the pipes was implemented using Unity mecanim system.

  • Custom 2D Artwork - From the background / foreground areas, to the fishes and the title screen, each game object has been lovingly created and implemented with its own unique look.

  • Persistent Leaderboard Scores - It wouldn’t be an endless runner if we didn’t have the competitive edge of high scores pushing us on, scores are saved and presented in a leaderboard format after each run. They were saved using our own custom implementation of data serialisation using json within the Unity folder structure.

  • Individual AI Behaviour - Each enemy type has its own AI behaviour; from the exploding urchins to the razor sharp sword fish that beelines towards the user and even the rats that guard the sewer floors, ensuring the user can never rest on their laurels.

  • Immersive Audio - The project was built using Wwise audio solutions; music, sound effects and atmosphere are incredibly important within games and are often overlooked, we made sure this wasn’t the case with our game, to a funky soundtrack that gives a nod to James Brown tracks, to explosive sound effects that ripple the sewer pipes, ensuring immersive audio is part of our game throughout.

It is a great feeling to be able to complete a project and showcase it in such a short time. It is a testament to what passionate minds can do when working together and one of many reasons why I love making games. I hope you enjoy playing it because we loved making it. As a team we’ve decided to expand the game further and showcase it at events. The game has been demoed at the Glasgow 2019 GameJam and Glasgow Play Party sponsored by UKIE.