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Objective C & Swift
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This app has some wonderful gaming mechanics. It uses a custom built 2D game engine that I built in connection with Apple 2D sprite kit to produce a truly wonderful collection of sounds and animations lovingly created with a nod to the ice / table hockey of old with a fusion of football for good measure. The app allows people to have fun attempting to win points (and lose them) for well-known Serie A teams. The following development and design techniques were used:

  • Custom Built Swift Based Game Engine - Modelled on the Apple 2D Sprite kit and metal framework to allow for specific physics interactions of the pedals and puck.

  • Gorgeous Animations and Sound - Subtle animations from the slight dip when you release the puck, to the smashing sound when you land a hit.

  • Offline and Online Integration - Scores are persisted offline and can be uploaded online if no connection is available ensuring you never lose track of your scores

  • Wonderful Design - Custom built assets created in Sketchapp and Adobe Photoshop, sporting a minimalistic football badge design mixed with 80’s table hockey flair.

This app has the unusual title of being a hybrid development language approach, normally this is to be avoided because of the complexity of maintenance but because of the gaming style involved, certain frameworks were in Swift / Objective C. This was difficult from a development standpoint but shows the depth of knowledge needed for both programming languages and I had a lot fun developing it.