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Swift / iOS
Developer & Designer

Upon completion of my contract with industry leading law firm Carpenters, I had delivered an iOS app that allowed users to track the current status of a claim as well as upload and download documents, the app can be downloaded from the iOS store and has been linked to this description.
The development was carried out in Swift (version 4) and utilised an internal API in order to pull and push real-time claim data. I am proud to have both developed and designed the app which follows a clean but bold approach which was created using Sketch (the concept of the designs has been shared on my dribble page and portfolio).
Working on my own as an iOS developer within such a well-respected company has really allowed me to grow my expertise within the iOS landscape, including understanding how to use and create a RESTful architecture, persisting data offline, create algorithms to deal with tracking data, managing background threads and ensuring that the user experience is not compromised throughout the development process.