Robot Rampage

Unity / C#
Game Developer & Designer
GitHub Code

My first game developed using the Unity game engine, is a fun FPS that has robots running around trying to gun you down with flying missiles, whilst as the player you’re equipped with 3 weapons to combat them. You'll have to run, shoot and grab as many pickup items to survive wave after wave of different enemy types. I wanted to showcase my passion for game development and design with a simple take on an FPS classic. Creating this game over multiple scenes within Unity allowed me to get to grips with every facet of the Unity engine;

  • Intelligent Pathfinding – I Implemented a NavMesh that allowed enemies to find their way to the user if spotted within the cone of vision of the enemy.

  • Variable Enemy Behaviours - Different enemy behaviour and types that are signified by their appearance (ie colour), which range from a Light/ Medium/ Heavy enemies. Some enemies like to soak up damage and attack from range whilst some immediately close in for the kill.

  • Automatic Difficulty Setting - A variable difficulty setting that automatically adjusts the waves, types of enemies and the ammo present for each weapon based on the user performance. The higher the levels the user survives, the more intense it becomes.

  • Collision and Raycasting - Utilising various colliders for collisions and using raycasting to ensure that the flying missiles from the enemies and the bullets from the player register with each other.

  • Multi Threaded Programming Principles - Coroutines were also used to run methods at a designated time interval and handle method behaviour over multiple frames correctly.

  • Unique Animations - Using custom animations with the Unity Mecanim tool to ensure those pickup items are rotating and the robot’s wheels are moving about realistically.

  • Clean UI - A unique UI was created to show the user relevant HUD information from specific weapon ammo count, health and armour to the number of enemy waves survived, as well as the dreaded game over screen.

Though the models were obtained from tutorial assets and devassets, the implementation of the game and its design is my own, actual full code is available from my GitHub, and you are able to download and play any of the relevant platform specific builds by accessing the links highlighted above. Have fun!