Space Shooter - Prototype

Unity / C#
Game Developer & Designer
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A fun and engaging space shoot’em up prototype built in Unity and inspired from classics such as Galaga and Ikaruga. It uses some smart gameplay design techniques and smooth animation rendering of ships for an enjoyable and unique experience.

  • Use of Linear Interpolation - Both time based and Bezier curve interpolation methods were used; allowing the hero’s ship to have some subtle turning movement whilst moving around the arena, giving the ship a lovely 3D effect. The enemies themselves each make use of the space around them, sweeping in with a smooth time based interpolation animation using ease-in /out techniques, Bezier curves between multiple points and even an adjusted sin curve to show a subtle but lovely animating effect.

  • Multiple Enemy Types varying the difficulty - The enemies not only spawn randomly but also have subtle AI behaviour that actively purses the player in different ways, with a constant reference of where the player is. Harder enemies that have modular components that break off when fired, having varied enemy types keeps the player on their toes and creates some tense scenarios.

  • Fun Power-Ups - When enemies are taken down, there is a potentiality that power ups could be spawned; different weapon types like a spread shooter to a traditional blaster are given to the user, having a varied weapon load out for the user to consider. Wait! Don’t forget shields! These can be fortified for up to 4 levels for maximum protection and is represented by a custom shader that was created by myself that shifts its texture depending on the level.

The use of the following software patterns were used to aid in programming from Singleton to Components and other standard object orientated techniques like Inheritance for Enemy classes and encapsulation of key properties. The game uses programming game art rather than specific models created in a 3D modelling application like Maya, the game itself is a prototype. I wanted to focus on key gameplay designs of a space shooter and have some ‘juicy’ animation for the enemies.